5 Day DIY Fitness Program by Fit Armadillo®

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Trying to get healthy on your own using food tracking apps only to feel deprived and on a weight loss plateau?

Want to add in some exercise, but don't know where to start?

You don't need to spend hours in the gym!

You need a pro to point you in the right direction...

Introducing the 5 Day DIYer's Fitness Program!

  • Design your own fitness plan you love that will get you results
  • Learn personal trainer secrets to take your routine to the next level
  • Find out how to eat healthy for you and why popular food tracking apps might be the reason you aren't seeing results!

Your Life After DIYing Your Fitness Routine

  • Never waste time on another diet, cleanse, or detox
  • Feel confident knowing your efforts will yield results
  • Enjoy more time outside of your gym clothes (at least the sweaty type-I won't judge you for continuing to rock your yoga pants)
  • Save money by working out at home
  • Have more energy and a renewed excitement for life

What others have to say:

"I was a little hesitant about doing an online course because I didn't know what to expect. However, I really enjoyed the program because it directed me to really think about my goals, and why I wanted to reach them.

Now, I have a renewed excitement for exercising and look forward to increased muscle definition and strength with the addition of a strength training program.

Anybody who hasn’t done this course should try it!! It’s adjustable to your individual fitness level, and it really teaches you how to set your goals, and how to get fit. Well worth the money!" ~ Kristin Clinkenbeard | Comanche, OK

This program is great for you if:

  • You are ready to do things the healthy way, but you don’t know where to start
  • You are self motivated
  • You are spending a lot of time tracking foods or at the gym, but feel frustrated by a lack of results

This program is not great for you if:

  • You’re a personal trainer…you probably already know my big secrets!
  • You have a very specific training goal in mind (marathon, triathlon, Zumba competition) that would require a specialized plan (I'd love to create that for you! E-mail me and we can chat)
  • You buy a lot of fitness programs, but you aren’t good at taking action. This program is all about action. If you don’t do the work, you won’t get the results.

More praise:

"This last year I have been focused on learning to eat healthy, creating healthier habits with eating choices and exercise. Habits that will stick with me long term. That is how I discovered Catherine! She encouraged me that I was not eating enough calories for a well balanced meal plan. The thought of increasing my calories was scary as we are taught by the diet scene that we have to restrict calories to lose weight. I did as Catherine suggested and increased my calorie intake. Guess what!? I felt much more satisfied, no longer felt like I was depriving myself AND continued to drop the extra pounds. Catherine is so down to earth. I love her help and style!" Vicki Haddock of www.breakingoutoftheclouds.com

The 5 Day DIY Fitness Program Outline

DAY ONE: Where Do I Begin?

  • Discover your current mindset regarding your fitness journey
  • Learn what unique factors you need to focus on to ensure your success

DAY TWO: Fitness 101

  • The 3 main components of a solid fitness routine
  • How to incorporate each one to get results

DAY THREE: Nutrition 101

  • How to eat healthy for your body
  • How to fuel your body when you have a weight loss goal

DAY FOUR: Goal Setting + Scheduling

  • Learn how to set goals and reach your first goal
  • Create an action plan and put it on your calendar

DAY FIVE: Staying on Track

  • Final tips and tricks for continued success


Hand in your homework and get 1 week of personalized nutrition planning, a $100 Value!

What you get:

  • Videos introducing each topic
  • Worksheets to review core concepts
  • Homework to help you put each lesson into action

BONUS: Submit all work to get a personalized nutrition plan with shopping list, food swaps, portion guide and recipes (A $100 Value)

Even more praise...

"The best 'blind-Internet-find personal trainer' I could’ve ever asked/hoped for or imagined!

I now have a workout that is so fun, it feels like five minutes instead of 30! I’ve lost about 70 pounds and 40 inches (waist, arms, and such)! I can see this being a lifestyle change." Meredith Sanders | Ft Smith, Arkansas

"I'm so grateful to have connected with Catherine --- she has so much energy and her enthusiasm has totally made me enthused about getting fit --- I have even started running again, which I swore I would never do. She is the most supportive fitness partner you can have and doesn't just care about helping you get in shape -- she wants you to be happy and healthy in ALL areas of your life. Catherine also provides you with a personalized plan so that you're not wasting time doing exercises that won't offer you the benefits you need!" Nicole Liloia of www.nicoleliloia.com | New Jersey

About the Creator

Hello, I’m Catherine, owner of Fit Armadillo.

I’m a lifelong DIYer. I know what it’s like to want to understand how things work so you can adjust them as your life and needs change. As a personal trainer, I‘ve met a lot of women who have struggled to see results despite all the time they have spent on their fitness routines. I've also worked with many clients who were too overwhelmed by misleading information to get started on their own. That's why I created this program - to make it easy to get started on your own. I can't wait to share my best tips and tricks and celebrate your achievements with you!

Refund Policy:

I want you to be 100% happy with this course. Otherwise, I don’t want your money! If you’ve completed and sent in all of the homework by day 5 and don’t feel like you have a plan for your fitness routine, I will refund your money if you submit your request with-in 7 days of the program’s end date.

Affiliate Program:

I'm now offering an affiliate commission for students who have taken and loved the course! Ask me about signing up :)  

Have a question?

Get in touch: Catherine@FitArmadillo.com

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You'll get your course registration sheet so you can sign up for the online course. Includes videos, worksheets, and a custom nutrition plan bonus (if you do the homework!).

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BONUS: Custom Nutriton
Value: $100
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5 Day DIY Fitness Program by Fit Armadillo®

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